With Hot Start to College-Football Season, Fox Sports brings cutting edge technology to the game, Studio Productions


Fox boosts 4K HDR gaming, boosts Kick-off of the great noon pre-match show with the ‘Stradasaurus’ camera

Fox Sports’ college football season has certainly got off to a flying start, featuring high-profile clashes like Oregon’s loss to Ohio State and Penn State’s narrow victory over Wisconsin. Unsurprisingly, Fox College Football saw big audience gains – all games 49%, Great noon football games 77%, and the Kick-off of the great noon pre-game show 48% – through week 2.

With more looks at Fox’s college football coverage, the production operations team also brought its Game A with a record number of 4K HDR broadcasts (converted from native 1080p HDR productions) and a single-site studio. of its kind for Kick-off of the great noon. And the team couldn’t be happier to be producing matches with fans in the stands again after an extremely difficult 2020 season.

Big Noon kicks off in Columbus, OH for the OSU-Oregon game. (Photo: Ohio State Athletics via Twitter)

“It means everything to the team, the talent and the fans to be back,” said Vice-President, Remote Studio Operations, Rod Conti. “The excitement of a live college event cannot be matched. Of all the live sporting events, I think college sport has suffered the most from this pandemic. As the pageantry of the school – groups, spiritual squads, student fan support and loyalty – plays just as important a role as the sport itself. It’s hard not to have this enthusiasm that fuels all of our on-site staff as well as the local audiences we serve. “

Fox Sports launches 4K HDR

Beginning this Saturday for the remainder of the season, Fox will broadcast a dual college football program in 4K HDR every weekend. This weekend, Nebraska-Oklahoma and USC-Washington State will be produced in 1080p HDR, then converted to 4K at Fox’s Pico Blvd. This is nothing new for Fox Sports, which has already produced several games in 1080p HDR for 4K HDR distribution this year: Ohio State-Oregon, Texas A & M-Colorado, Stanford-USC, Penn State-Wisconsin and Ohio State-Minnesota. .

Game Creek Video’s Gridiron A and B units serve as home to Fox Sports Great noon football game productions with Producer Chuck McDonald and Director Rich Dewey in the front seat. During this time, Technical producer Carlos Gonzalez and Head of Operations Karin Fasing ensure the proper functioning of the operation on site every week. During this time, Great Saturday noon diffusers Gus Johnson and Joel klatt are in the cabin, while the reporter Jenny taft is on the key.

While most of the production is handled in the truck this season, four EVS operators and Fox Box’s scorebug are at “The Vault” in Los Angeles.

“The integration with the studio is more complex than in the past,” explains Gonzalez. “We have to time each truck between the game and the pre-game to have a seamless transition for the start of the game. All sources must therefore be timed.

Kick-off of the great noon Productions typically feature eight Sony HDC-5500 super-slo-mo cameras, end-zone aerial and wired PylonCams, line-to-gain RF PylonCams, and, from time to time, referee Skycam and HatCams. Additionally, Gonzalez is hoping to have a Megalodon shallow depth-of-field mirrorless camera for Ohio State-Michigan and Big Ten Championship productions later this season, but he says nothing is confirmed yet.

“It’s an incredible feeling,” says Gonzalez. “First, seeing the stadiums full of supporters changed the whole environment. And, in some cases, being able to see a face and not a mask elevates the human factor we all need for on-site production.

Kick-off of the great noon Adds Stradasaurus to the Big-Time Onsite Bundle

In addition to strengthening its game productions, Fox Sports has focused on its Kick-off of the great noon pre-game show this season. After stops in Minneapolis; Madison, WI; and Columbus, OH, to start the season, the Kick-off of the great noon The crew will travel this Saturday to Norman, OK, where Oklahoma will host former Big 12 rival Nebraska.

Fox Sports have upgraded their Big Noon Kickoff ensemble, seen here on the University of Oklahoma campus in Norman.

This year, Fox updated the look of the Kick-off of the great noon onsite and added new PA and LED designs in an effort to provide a better fan-facing experience for the loud fans on campus every week.

The studio camera setup for indoor and outdoor sets (depending on location) includes three arrows, two RF cameras, a Steadicam, and a new modified StradaCrane that Conti calls the “Stradasaurus.”

This modified Stradacrane with an inverted motorized boom arm delivers unprecedented 360 degree stabilized movement at the already impressive reach of the Strada arm. Developed by Cine Rigs Inc. and Stradacrane, the Stradasaurus debuts with Fox’s BNK shows.

Fox Sports added a new Stradosaurus camera system for Big Noon Kickoff productions this year.

Game Creek Justice serves as a domestic truck for Kick-off of the great noon this season. The single trailer unit was recently upgraded with new equipment to provide flexibility on often space-limited campuses.

The pre-game show also deploys Fox Sports ‘Production Anywhere Remote Kit (PARK) to capture feeds from the Quantel system located at Fox Sports’ Pico Blvd. broadcast center, as well as for faster and remote integration of interviews.

Director, Studio Remote Operations, Rob Mikulicka keeps the show moving forward week after week, ”Conti says. “His hard work ethic and commitment to his team and the sports he covers are unmatched, which contributes greatly to his success. And our new technical team led by Greg Pfeifer, Michael Vaughan, and Kory scudder ensuring a smooth and technically sound show no matter what we throw at them. I couldn’t ask for a stronger team.

Fox Sports’ Big Noon Kickoff team were in Columbus, OH this past weekend for the exciting Ohio State Upset in Oregon.


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