When walking from Arkansas Baseball to Omaha, don’t expect the state of North Carolina to be as tough as Nebraska


I have been joined by many media outlets in stating that the Fayetteville area matches were a glaring mistake on the part of the NCAA Baseball Tournament Selection Committee.

We all thought a very good team would go home too soon. As it turns out, Big Ten champion Nebraska nearly upset Arkansas’ number one baseball team. The Huskers have proven they deserve their own regional and could have been a legitimate contender for the College World Series.

The Cornhuskers outscored the Hogs in Game 2 to force a deciding game in the area on Monday night and quickly took a 2-0 lead in that game. If Arkansas baseball doesn’t have junior Kevin Kopps, who has one of the greatest pitching performances in varsity baseball history, the Hogs are probably cleaning their lockers now instead of prepping for the series. Super Regional with North Carolina State.

“When I saw them appear, I was like, ‘Why are they sending the Big Ten champion here? “It just doesn’t make sense when you look around,” Arkansas baseball coach Dave Van Horn told media after Arkansas’ 6-2 win on Monday night.

“You see other regional championships where a Power 5 is No.1 and they don’t have another Power 5 team in the regional, and they could have been a seeded seven or eight, nine – whatever. .

“I know it’s very hard work and I understand it, but Nebraska is a very good team. They’ve kind of played a regional format for most of the season. They went on the road, stayed in hotels, played two games in one day, played against two different teams, and I think they came here and were a little bit comfortable – more comfortable than I wanted.

“Believe me, I was very suspicious of that and what they could do here. I knew they had good arms. I knew it was going to be hard to get out of this. I knew it was gonna be hard to get by on Saturday and then [Sunday], obviously they did a great job against us. We didn’t play very well.

“Tonight I knew it was going to be air combat, and it was.”

So no disrespect to NC State or any team Arkansas can face if they can make it to Omaha, but the Cornhuskers may have given Arkansas the best fight they’ll see the rest of the season. path.

These Arkansas baseball mastodons have crossed the SEC winning all of its playoffs and the SEC tournament.

It’s the same SEC that still has six teams in the tournament, mind you.

But Nebraska knocked Arkansas off balance at home plate and hitters like Jaxon Hallmark, who has parents in Bryant, were able to join the Hogs pitching staff. They couldn’t make it to Kopps – no one did – and that’s why Arkansas looks like they’ve won the CWS title more than ever.

What the committee did by placing Nebraska in the Arkansas area was to make sure the Hogs are wide awake for a dangerous North Carolina state team, which has a record of 17-3 on the road this season and won the Ruston Regional (Louisiana Tech) as a No. 2 seed. They upset SEC member Alabama along the way.

If Arkansas had made their way through a field full of pastries, there’s a chance they’d be overconfident against the wolf pack.

If NC State upsets Arkansas, it will likely have something to do with center Christian Franklin not starting Game 1 due to illness.

Even with Franklin out, Arkansas will play. Just like they were ready to play against Nebraska. You can see it by the excellent heads-up defensive play they made even in Sunday night’s loss.

Arkansas didn’t take the Huskers lightly. They have just arrived in Fayetteville determined not to go there quietly.

Mission accomplished.

Now the Hogs hitters have spent this week being more patient at home and not swinging on bad pitches. There was a refocus at Baum-Walker Stadium that may not have happened if Arkansas hadn’t been challenged by Nebraska.

I know this has caused the fans moments of anxiety (some of you need to relax a bit and have some more faith), but in the end it will be a good thing for a title race.

When NC State hits Arkansas in the mouth early Friday, it won’t be a shock. Taking down a team like Nebraska early on proved that the Hogs are clearly the favorites.

“I think they have a good shot [at winning the College World Series]”said Nebraska coach Will Bolt, known as” Dave Van Horn Jr. “at the time.” They haven’t lost a streak all year. “

“They have a lot of talent, a great coaching staff. They have everything you need. They play good defense. They are athletic and obviously they can beat you in a number of ways.

“They have a great team and I would love to see Coach (Van Horn) win his first national championship.”


Arkansas vs NC State: how to watch

Or: Fayetteville, Arkansas

Friday game time: 5 p.m. HC

Saturday game time: 2 p.m. HC

Sunday play time (if necessary): 5:00 p.m. HC

Live Streaming Online: ESPN.com/watch

Watch on TV: Friday’s game will be broadcast on ESPNU. Saturday’s game will air on ESPN2. Sunday’s game, if needed, will be broadcast on ESPN2 or ESPNU.

On DirecTV, ESPNU is channel 208. On Dish, ESPNU is channel 141.

On DirecTV, ESPN2 is channel 209. On Dish, ESPN2 is channel 143.

Online radio show: TuneIn (Arkansas Baseball Show)


Arkansas Baseball vs NC State preview


Below is a snippet of a preview of Arkansas vs NC State by analysts at D1Baseball.com:

“NC State has a clear advantage as a starting pitcher. I think they are very close to offense and defense.

“So we have the CSC’s strongest team against the CCA’s strongest team. I’ve said throughout the year, I think Arkansas has the best offensive team and the best defense in the country, but NC State actually has the best percentage on the field, for what it’s worth.

“I mean, that’s just one way to measure a team’s defense, but NC State is third in the country in fielding. Arkansas, I think, is 16th.

“So these two teams are defending at an extremely high level. Arkansas has Kevin Kopps. [NC State pitcher] Evan Justice is really good. It’s not Kevin Kopps, but he really is a difference maker. “

“But the only thing Arkansas doesn’t have are guys who can still get into the fifth or sixth round, except for [Patrick] Wicklander.

NC State does not have a deep staff. It’s five guys they use, that’s all. But Johnston, Highfill, and Wilson can get you to the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth inning.

“And then you’ve got Justice over there and you’ve got Villaman.” And that’s all they need in a short series. So the key will be whether they can handle this atmosphere and can they find a way to reach Kevin Kopps assuming his arm is still attached to his torso.

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