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From birth to death, there is often only one certainty, a nurse will be nearby.

When tragedy strikes, a pandemic persists, or a loved one falls ill; a nurse is the first to administer care. But they do so much more.

When there are questions, confusion, anxiety; a nurse is there to help you.

When a global pandemic left the family unable to be in the room with a loved one, it was nurses who relayed messages or often held the phone to make one last video chat possible, giving families a way to say ” I love you” one last time.

A nurse is there to assist a new mother after childbirth, calm a sick young child and show compassion to an elderly person who has just lost a spouse.

These healthcare heroes play a vital role in the communities they serve.

For this reason, the Beatrice Daily Sun has sought to honor some of the region’s outstanding nurses.

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In partnership with Beatrice Community Hospital, the Daily Sun accepted nominations from the public for outstanding nurses. Thirty nurses from southeastern Nebraska were nominated for this honor.

From there, a panel of local judges sorted through the nominations, narrowing the list down to nine outstanding nurses.

During the same period, the public was allowed to vote online for their favorite nurse, ultimately choosing a public choice to complete the list of 10 winners.

There were over 2,000 votes this year.

When all the votes were tallied, Kili Krauter, a nurse at the Gold Crest Retirement Center, won the audience award.

The winners were honored at a luncheon at the Beatrice Community Hospital and each received a gift bag as well as a plaque commemorating the honor.

“One thing COVID has taught us is the value of compassionate nurses at all levels – small hospitals, large hospitals, nursing homes, home care, schools and emergency care,” said Beatrice Community Hospital CEO, Rick Haraldson. “They all made a difference over the past year as we continued to care for patients with COVID, but also patients with so many other illnesses and injuries.”

Beatrice Community Hospital was a partner sponsor of the Beatrice Daily Sun. Other sponsors included Southeast Community College and Blossom Khardt.

“The care provided by nurses is crucial to our community,” said Daily Sun chairman Patrick Ethridge. “They save lives, provide emotional support and care for our loved ones every day. We are truly fortunate to have so many incredible healthcare workers serving our citizens.

  • Kili Krauter, Gold Crest Retreat Center
  • Angie Roschewski, Beatrice Community Hospital
  • Jane Thatcher, Gage County Medical Clinic
  • Yvonne Rahe, Gage County Medical Clinic
  • Stacey Stohs, Beatrice Community Hospital
  • Moriah Stone, Beatrice Community Hospital
  • Joan Schroller, Kubat Healthcare
  • Jeff Terry, Beatrice Community Hospital
  • Heather Kracht, Beatrice Community Hospital
  • Crystal Phothirath, Society of Good Samaritans

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