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The good habits we have help us grow both as people and financially. People who have succeeded have many things in common, beyond their fortune. In this note I tell you what are the saving and behavior habits of successful people.

Saving habits for success

Saving habits for success

Change the chip, stop wasting, save and do not spend too much:

Not waste money

If we talk about their savings habits themselves, it must be said that those who have succeeded do not waste money and always keep a percentage of their monthly income for tomorrow.

They save 20% of their salary

They save 20% of their salary

These people can save, on average, 20% monthly of their income. Not everyone can afford that, but it would be great if you made an effort to do so. You could do many positive things with the money saved.

Let’s give an example: If you receive a salary of 1,500 and save 300 soles per month (20%) in a year you would have saved 3,600 soles. That is more than two months of salary. If you follow the custom in 5 years you could have 18,000 soles in your bank account, not counting the interest you may have accumulated. With this amount you would not need to request a personal loan to, for example, start your own business.

Don’t spend too much


Another habit of saving these people is that they do not spend in excess despite having the ability to do so. If you spend more than you have, or without considering a personal budget you will tend to fall into debts that prevent you from growing financially or that prevent you from saving.

If you are one of the people who have unnecessary debts (those loans you take out for things that do not generate profitability for you) change the chip! Only then can you start to succeed.

There are many daily habits that successful people share. Here some:

If you want to succeed I recommend that you start spending more time in your day to day improving your professional contacts.

Do not give up

Do not give up

Also don’t give up if at some point things don’t go your way, you have to stop being defeatists and think that you can achieve success if you keep trying. Fortunes are not made overnight, they require effort, commitment and certain sacrifices.

Improve your abilities whenever you can so that you remain in force as a professional and as a company.


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