The Sleep in Heavenly Peace organization is holding a second bed-building event with a larger goal


SOUTH SIOUX CITY, Nebraska (KTIV) – Sioux City’s Sleep in Heavenly Peace Chapter held its second bed building event on Saturday. The group has set a new target to manufacture 100 beds, after successfully manufacturing 56 beds in December.

Planks of wood and a whole team of determined volunteers are all the Sioux City chapter of Sleep in Heavenly Peace needs.

A team of about 150 volunteers gathered in the parking lot of Crossroads Church on Saturday to build beds for children in need.

” It’s awesome. You know, you don’t need money to come and volunteer and show up and do a little work, a little labor of love. And so today, as evidence of that,” said Meredith Davies-Vogt, chapter president.

The Sioux City chapter started in December 2021 and created 56 beds on December 11 to deliver them to children before Christmas. Just two months later, the group has expanded in an attempt to reach a bigger goal and serve an even larger area with four new postcodes.

“We don’t really have many requirements other than that you don’t have a bed. And if you don’t have a bed, we’ll find you a bed. If they’re between 3 and 17 and they’re in the area we serve, we’ll make sure a child gets that bed,” Davies-Vogt said.

The motto of the organization is “No child sleeps on the floor in our city”. For anyone lending a hand this Saturday, the simple motto means so much more than volunteering.

“I am a mother of six children and I have two grandchildren. And I can’t imagine any of them not having a bed to sleep on. And many of the people who volunteer here are also teachers. They see the impact it has. If a child doesn’t have a bed to sleep in, they don’t get a good night’s rest. And then they don’t come to school on time, or they fall asleep while they’re at school. So it’s so much more than just a bed,” said Sleep in Heavenly Peace core team member Mary Waldman.

Sanding, drilling and marking is all it takes to have all the pieces ready to ship to the kids when the time comes. The smile on the children’s faces when they receive a bed is all it takes to make it worthwhile for the volunteers.

Once the event was over, Davies-Vogt got to work counting the total number of beds made. The organization successfully exceeded its goal and created a total of 101 beds.

More information on how to get involved with the Sioux City chapter of Sleep in Heavenly Peace can be found on the chapter website.

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