The crowd at the price is just live shocked by the double bidding


The price is right live returned to Cross Insurance Arena in Portland on September 29 for a sold-out show that ended in a big loss that left the crowd in disbelief.

The price is right live is a traveling version of the game show that has aired on CBS for 50 years. It was hosted by Bob Barker for 35 years from 1972 to 2007 when Drew Carey took over, now in his sixteenth year as host.

A host of The price is right live is the very talented Todd Newton who tried to replace Bob Barker, and in my opinion, should have gotten the job. He’s energetic, friendly, and funny, and he knows how to bring out the best in candidates, which I think the current host lacks. Again, that’s just my opinion as a super fan of the show since I can talk and say “Come On Down!”

Jeff Parsons – Townsquare Media

Jeff Parsons – Townsquare Media

The set is a little reduced compared to the TV version, but it’s really The price is right you know and love. I wish I could share more photos with you, but we were only allowed to take them when the game was not in progress.

During the roughly two-hour show, four pricing games are played, two showcase showdowns, also known as The Big Wheel, and a showcase. Contestants were randomly selected from the audience for “Come on Down” and bid on a price in hopes of being the closest to the actual retail price without exceeding it. Then they could take the stage to play a pricing game.

The games played that night were Any Number, the first game ever played on The price is right.

Cliff Hangers, also known as the mountain climber game Drew named “The Yodely Guy”.

Plinko, the most popular game in the series.

And the Clock Game, which like Any Number, is one of the oldest games in the series.

There haven’t been many big wins here other than during Clock Game and a marginal win over Plinko with $750. The showcase however was a disaster and the audience was shocked.

Unlike the TV version, The price is right live shows a showcase that both contestants can bid on rather than two due to budget.

The showcase included a scooter, a trip from Portland to Paris, France, a trip to Las Vegas and a 2022 Nissan Versa.

Each contestant secretly made their offers and revealed them. One competitor bet about $21,500 and the other about $28,000. When Todd Newton revealed the actual showcase prize, they had both outbid, with the contest that had offered $21,500 only exceeding a few hundred dollars. They both received a consolation prize of $250.

Some in the crowd couldn’t believe it, with a new car and two trips, they thought it must have cost way more than $21,000. I looked at the articles and the calculation is quite close.

The Nissan Versa has an MSRP of $15,580, the scooter is around $2,000, we found a trip to Paris from Boston with airfare and a four star hotel for $650 and our trip to Vegas that Michele and I have taken in August for a week was $940. This totals $19,170. The variables here are the type of car finishing packages and the price of flights and hotels.

It was a little underwhelming for the show with a double overstatement, but the show itself is so well done and so much fun. The next time The price is right live is coming to town, make sure you get tickets early for “Come on Down!”

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