Talks underway to leverage Share Detroit platform for corporate and student volunteering


Share Detroit is in talks with local businesses, foundations, colleges and K-12 school districts to take advantage of the online platform for corporate and student volunteering.

It forged its first partnership in November with Wayne State University, which markets the free volunteer and giving platform to staff and students and plans to finalize informal agreements with several other groups, including local businesses and organizations. K-12 districts in the first quarter of 2022, said CEO Janette Phillips.

These partnerships are expected to bring new volunteers to the 260 local nonprofits currently on the site, something that suffered during the pandemic, she said. They are also expected to bring in new donors for the nonprofits that post on the site and for Share Detroit, a nonprofit itself.

“We operate on a shoestring budget, but even a shoestring budget (budgets) costs a little money,” she said, noting the platform’s annual budget of $ 250,000. “Hopefully some of the big business in town will say, ‘Wow, we love this idea, this concept, and we want to support it,’ like the donors we have now.”

Share Detroit also plans to contact the state, which is considering a volunteer platform, to use its site, Phillips said.

“Part of what I need to do in early 2022 is find the right people to talk to… how can we help change this statewide?

Conversations with school districts, including Wayne RESA, Macomb Intermediate School District, and West Bloomfield School District, focus on using the Share Detroit platform to enable students, as well as parent groups and clubs, to meet and track their community service hour requirements, Phillips said.

“We (also) work with several companies, large and small, who want their employees to give back to the city” and can use the Share Detroit platform to help employees find virtual and in-person opportunities that match their passions, she said. said.


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