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Oregon was to play the Civil War match against its rival in the state of Oregon. Keep in mind that the Oregon Sports Department was broke or nearly was.

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“We didn’t have any money. None, ”Moos said. “The budget was $ 18.5 million, and we were getting $ 3.5 million from the university, so the faculty was complaining. We didn’t draw well, although we were starting to be pretty good on the football field.

All the while, Moos was thinking big. Maybe he was looking to revive the installation project – and upset the Oregon heads of state at the same time. He called a friend, Jim, an entrepreneur who hauled dirt for a living.

“I asked him, ‘Could you bring a few mid-body dumpers with three or four loads of gravel and throw them in the south parking lot (near the stadium)?”, Moos recalls. “He never even asked me why.”

Moos called another friend, Randy, a major donor from Oregon who could loan Moos a front loader, bulldozer, and other heavy equipment.

AD ordered Randy to put the heavy stuff on, that’s right, the south parking lot.

“He never asked why,” Moos said. “So a few days later the trucks arrive and I position them. … ”

He then called a friend who’s an artist with these instructions, “If you could render for me, on a piece of plywood, about 4 by 8, and I’ll kind of sketch it.” It will be a building. It will look like a large warehouse.

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