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Steven M. Sipple and Parker Gabriel discuss what they found most interesting about the Huskers’ availability on Wednesday.

With a spring ball in the rearview mirror, Nebraska kicks off the summer after answering a few questions during their 15 spring training sessions and with a few still pending.

The Star Journal examines each post to recap what was learned, what wasn’t and who stood out this spring.

Today we turn our attention to the Husker inside linebackers.

Monday: defensive line

Tuesday: outside linebacker

Today: inside linebacker

Thursday: Cornerbacks

Friday: security

Saturday: projection of the defensive depth map

What we have learned

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The transfer of northern Iowa graduate Chris Kolarevic will be a key piece of the puzzle. He started out by finishing as one of NU’s top players in index and strength tests and then seemed to fit right into the top group in the middle of defense. Now he will be even more important with sixth-year senior Will Honas indefinitely (and possibly for the entire season) with a knee injury sustained late in the spring ball.

What we don’t have

Similar to outside supports, it’s still unclear how comfortable Barrett Ruud will be to play on days. This list is a shorter player with no Honas in the mix, which seems to drag Garrett Snodgrass down to fourth place. After him, the best candidates are Jackson Hannah, Eteva Mauga-Clements or maybe a walk-on.

Outstanding player

Could give Kolarevic a nod again here, and with only a “thud” of halfway through the spring game for the front group, there really is very little live work to base a choice on this. spring from the outside. In a mid-spring conversation with reporters, Reimer said he felt comfortable and faster and was ready to build on a 2020 breakout in which he finished fifth in the team in tackles despite missing two games.

Stock amounts

Less of a state of stock, but freshmen Randolph Kpai and Seth Malcom each have a very nice length for the position. The two, however, will need to fill up considerably over the course of their careers, which NU knew when he signed the pair. Still, the intriguing young players on the defensive side.

List of things to do in summer

A reliable fourth to replace Honas would be ideal, given that Reimer, Kolarevic and Nick Henrich are a good top line trio, but also all three have faced injuries in their careers. It’s not impossible that NU could consider a ready-made transfer if one does show up, but mostly these will be the first three who grow up together and who might jump into that mix with them.

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