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As a traveling nurse, Davis has spent her career working in Maui, the Virgin Islands, California, Colorado, Vermont and beyond. After a turbulent 2020 due to COVID requirements, she retired last December.

Last spring, she decided that 12-year-old Harrison was ready. They sat down with a Road Scholar catalog and looked at trips designed for grandparents and their grandchildren. They considered adventures like camping in Yellowstone, but chose Costa Rica.

“I had no idea what this was going to be or what we were going to do,” said Harrison, an articulate pre-teen.

New adventures

They flew from Dallas to San José, the capital of Costa Rica. The hotel in San Jose was “lovely,” Davis said.

From there, the whirlwind began when 22 people, half grandparents and half grandchildren aged 9 to 17, set out to discover Costa Rica. They discovered the migratory pattern of butterflies.

They had a cooking class. “We make local cheese from goat’s milk,” Harrison said.

Near Arenal Volcano National Park, Harrison prepared to go ziplining. The thrilling experience reached speeds of almost 50 mph.

Wanda Davis, courtesy

The third night, they stayed in a hotel in the heart of the rainforest. “We had the television in two places, but we never turned it on,” Davis said. By this time, too, the teenagers had started to befriend each other.

A raft trip was postponed due to heavy rains and fear of flooding from the mountains, so they went to a pineapple farm instead. Davis learned that pineapples should be bought when they are green, not golden. “Buy it green. They pick it when it’s green, ”she said. She and Harrison were asked to eat all the fruit they wanted.


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