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Representative Don Bacon said Thursday he disagreed with former President Donald Trump’s statement that Republicans should not support an investigation into the Jan.6 insurgency on the U.S. Capitol, saying that “I take my marching orders from my district”.

Bacon was one of 35 Republicans who joined House Democrats in voting this week to create a commission to investigate the assault that interrupted the electoral vote count in Congress that sealed the election of the President Joe Biden.

When asked at a Zoom press conference if he would describe the events of January 6 as an insurgency, Bacon said, “Technically, yes. That fits the definition.

“The majority of the country … does not agree with what happened,” he said.

Bacon later issued a statement to “clarify” his point.

“For some people who were there, they would go into an insurgency, but a lot of people were there just to protest peacefully,” read the statement from Danielle Jensen, the congressman’s director of communications.

“He heard from some of the attendees that they had no idea what was going on inside. But he realizes that some were there and could be part of an insurgency.”

Bacon said the commission should consider “the leadership failure to secure the Capitol” as part of its investigation.

President Nancy Pelosi “is in charge of security,” Bacon noted, and the Democratic House leader will likely be called as a witness.

Fortenberry and Bacon vote for insurgency investigation

“Most Nebraskans desperately want a return to orderly and peaceful order in Washington and the rest of America,” said Congressman Lincoln.

But Minority House Leader Kevin McCarthy is also expected to testify, Bacon said.

Bacon, who represents the 2nd Metropolitan District of Omaha, was joined by Republican Jeff Fortenberry of Lincoln, who represents the 1st District of Eastern Nebraska, in supporting the investigation.

When asked if he voted to remove Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney from her House Republican leadership post in a closed-door vote, Bacon said, “I voted for a change.” , noting that Cheney’s leadership role was to act as a spokesperson. for the party rather than as an open critic of Trump.

Eastman forms PAC in Progressive Democratic Congress

The former Democratic District 2 candidate for Congress has said the PAC she is creating will support Democratic candidates in Nebraska and the Midwest.

Bacon said there had been “too much personal confrontation” between members of the House recently. “It’s not high school,” he says.

A focal point of his press conference centered on “20 years of illegal immigration” across the southern border, a development which he said “has a negative impact on the future of DACA legislation. “.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals legislation has permitted the legal presence in the United States of children who have illegally crossed the border.

Nebraska GOP House members won’t say how they voted on Cheney’s ouster

But the tone of their responses indicated a desire to move on.

Congress has failed to “find a compromise” to resolve immigration issues, Bacon said. “We have to compromise.”

Bacon was due to leave later Thursday on a two-day trip to El Paso, Texas, to tour detention facilities and speak with members of the Border Patrol.

Nebraska congressional delegation joins attack on Biden tax hikes

The Nebraska Farm Bureau and the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce also said the tax increases “would threaten Nebraska’s family businesses and primary economic sectors” as well as the Nebraskans who depend on those businesses for employment.

On other topics, Bacon said unemployment benefits designed to help workers displaced by the COVID-19 pandemic act as a “drag” on returning to work now and “it hurts our ability to open up the economy. “.

Bacon said he “(s) hope Biden remains steadfast in his support for our ally” as Israel battles the Palestinians following rocket attacks on Israeli towns.

“It is important that we make it clear that we are on Israel’s side,” he said. A ceasefire was announced on Friday.

Watch now: See the chaos as pro-Trump rioters storm the now secure U.S. Capitol


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