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The Nebraska Farm Bureau has endorsed Jim Pillen for governor. Pillen is seeking the Republican nomination for governor in the May 10 primary election in Nebraska. According to Nebraska Farm Bureau Political Action Committee (NEFB-PAC) Chair Sherry Vinton, Pillen was the “overwhelming choice” for approval based on the results of the Nebraska Farm Bureau’s baseline screening process, which is to collect feedback from local county offices across the state.

“Throughout our process, it was clear that our members believed that Jim Pillen was the right person to lead our state into the future. We are proud to offer him our endorsement and support as he seeks the Republican gubernatorial nomination,” Vinton said.

“I am honored to have the support of the Nebraska Farm Bureau and the thousands of farming and ranching families it serves. We share a common vision for the future of Nebraska, growth and prosperity fueled by our world-class agricultural producers. I look forward to working with the Nebraska Farm Bureau to fix our broken tax code, strengthen our communities, grow our economy, preserve our family values, and ensure Nebraska farmers and ranchers can always succeed. .,” Jim Pillen said after receiving the endorsement.

Referring to conversations he had with members, Nebraska Farm Bureau President Mark McHargue identified several reasons Farm Bureau members turned to Pillen.

“People tend to assess candidates based on who they are and what they stand for. Jim Pillen’s roots in Nebraska run deep. He comes from agriculture. He built a successful family business here in our state. He understands the importance of strong communities. He brings public service experience to the table, serving on the UNL Board of Directors. He is fiscally conservative and people believe he will bring a common sense approach to solving key issues and running our state,” McHargue said.

McHargue also noted that many of Pillen’s priorities align with those that are important to Nebraska farming and ranching families.

“The next governor of Nebraska will have major issues to deal with. They will have to address the reform of taxation and the financing of schools. Jim supports education and is committed to fixing our broken tax system that relies far too heavily on property taxes. The next governor will have to continue working to develop our state. This means working to ensure the availability of high-speed, high-quality Internet service throughout Nebraska. Jim made it a priority. It also means expanding markets for our Nebraska agricultural products, whether that means supporting the development of businesses that add value to our products here in Nebraska or moving our products to international markets. Jim is committed to helping our state and our agriculture grow,” McHargue said. “We look forward to supporting Jim Pillen as he seeks the Republican gubernatorial nomination.”

The Nebraska Farm Bureau is a local, statewide organization dedicated to supporting farming and ranching families and working to benefit all Nebraskas through a wide variety of educational, service and and advocacy. More than 55,000 families across Nebraska are members of the Farm Bureau, working together to achieve rural and urban prosperity because agriculture is a key fuel for Nebraska’s economy. For more information about the Nebraska Farm Bureau and agriculture, visit www.nefb.org.


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