NEBRASKA CITY – A recent study ranks Nebraska counties based on inbound investment.

The SmartAsset study considers gross domestic product, new businesses started and new building permits.

Cass County is ranked third in the state with the highest business growth at 8.2% and GDP growth of $ 52 million.

He is joined in the top five by the counties of Sarpy, Douglas, Lancaster and Saunders.

Nemaha County is ranked 29the with 2.2 percent business growth, $ 16 million in GDP and 1.1 new building permits for 1,000 homes.

Otoe County ranks 30e with a business growth rate of less than 1% and 2.5 new building permits per 1,000. The GDP growth rate is $ 41 million.

Johnson County is ranked 43rd with negative business growth, $ 10 million in GDP growth and no new building permits.

Richardson County is ranked 51st with a negative business growth rate, GDP growth of $ 23 million and 0.5 new building permits for 1,000 homes.