MOScout Daily Update: A Chicken Game Where No One Thinks About Losing – Nebraska Bad for Greitens? – New Uniting MO announcement


Where we are

Three days left. By my count, there are ten (10) bills truly accepted and ultimately passed on the Governor’s desk – this does not include appropriations bills and competing Senate resolutions.

Joining this list yesterday was HB 1720. Kurt Ericson wrote an explainer about it here.

The Senate avoided a collapse yesterday, but there were tremors indicating a full-scale earthquake could erupt at any moment.

· Sen. Bob Onder and sen. Holly ThompsonRehder entangled on his bill for victims of sexual assault.

· Sen. Bill Egel and sen. Cindy O’Laughlin had a tense exchange over the House amendments added to his education bill.

Intellectual property reform was supposed to hit the ground yesterday, but it was pushed back. So I guess you have to look for that to dominate today.

Meanwhile, the Congressional map could blow up the final days of session.

Onder, in an investigation yesterday with Sen. Bill Whitesaid : “This session is over when the cards appear.”

The second House map will be heard by the Senate redistricting committee today (noon) and could be debated in the afternoon. Or maybe they’ll wait until tomorrow for a final push on that front.

Among lobbyists, the consensus seems to be that we won’t have the last three full days. The reflection…

Conservative caucus thinks Senate explosion will make him floor leader Caleb Rowden seem ineffective.

Rowden thinks the Senate explosion will prove the CCs to be legislative terrorists.

And of course, Democrats don’t mind the Senate blowing up because they don’t want Republicans passing anything else.

It’s like a game of chicken where no one cares to lose…

eMailbag on the card

At some point, isn’t it Anne Wagner bear the blame for not strengthening the MO-02 for Rs? Shouldn’t his influence extend to Jeff City? She would be the most powerful elected Republican in the Saint-Louis area. Of course, I don’t feel like it in this redistricting process.

Bad news from Nebraska for Greitens?

It’s easy to get screwed with every new election that rolls around the country and how that might play into Trump’s mindset for Missouri’s endorsement, but…

Nebraska’s results last night look like bad news for Eric Greitenswhile Trump’s nominee, dogged by sexual harassment charges, lost.

Excerpt from Politico’s Playbook: The race in Nebraska showed the limits of trying to turn serious allegations of misconduct into an attack on the press that rallies conservatives… Trump backed Herbster despite revelations in mid-April, reported by the Nebraska Examiner, according to which a number of women, including a sitting state senator, accused Herbster of groping or touching them inappropriately…Herbster denied the allegations, and Ricketts and others convicted him. But instead of stepping down, Herbster aired a TV ad comparing himself to Supreme Court Justices CLARENCE THOMAS and BRETT KAVANAUGH. Trump has rallied around Herbster as the primary…

Unite the Missouri PAC

It’s surprising to see Mike ParsonThe PAC is still active. It is time limited. Yet, here’s a new ad that “will air on cable and broadcast TV, as well as online.”

See the announcement here.

Gov Parson: “As a former sheriff, it alarms me to see some of the attitudes towards those who have taken an oath to defend our communities and protect us. We must learn from policies that have failed in other cities and states to never allow anti-law enforcement measures to take hold in this state. We must work to strengthen our communities by supporting our men and women in law enforcement. In Missouri, we defend law enforcement, not their funding.

Uniting Missouri had $259,135 on hand when it filed in April. They raised $57,000 this quarter.

· A lobbyist believes the ad is an attempt to build on Parson’s legacy.

MMJ Biz is good

Press release: Buoyed by a one-day high during the 4/20 holiday, Missouri’s medical cannabis industry again broke a monthly record in April with nearly $37 million in retail sales. Cumulative sales for the program have been $335.8 million since the first dispensary opened in mid-October 2020, nearly half of which was generated in the last six months. With average daily sales now over $1 million, annual revenue is expected to exceed $360 million for 2022.

· In Big Contributions (below), marijuana industry players contributed an additional $850,000 to the effort to legalize marijuana in Missouri.


Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft reports that the Marijuana Legalization Campaign has filed 731 boxes of signatures for their petition. And the ranked vote campaign filed far fewer boxes, 192. “Once scanned, the signature pages will be submitted to the local election authorities for signature verification…

The Secretary of State has two weeks to provide the applicable signature pages to local election authorities for validation. Local election officials must provide the certified number of valid signatures to the Secretary of State by July 26, 2022.”


Empower Missouri hosted Amber Foster Hobart as the new communications director. See here.

The Schlafly family feud

On the docket for oral arguments from the Missouri Supreme Court this morning (9 a.m.) is Bruce S. Schlafly v. Anne S. Cori. Continuing fallout from the family feud that erupted after the death of Phyllis Schlafly.

Broadband $$$ within budget

News Tribune points out that the budget passed by the legislature is “millions short of the governor’s recommendations.”
See here.

The budget includes about $372 million for broadband Internet development and programs, nearly $100 million less than a plan proposed by Parson…

Compared to Parson’s proposal, the Legislature’s budget includes $10 million less for broadband towers, $25.5 million less for rural telehealth access, $7 million $1 million less for Broadband Grants and $1 million less for the Public Safety Broadband Network at the Capitol Complex…

eMailbag on trigger not working

Pass a resolution that says, “Hey, remember what section 288.017 says? It’s your opinion that it always says that.” won’t trigger anything. The General Assembly will have to pass another resolution when a SCOTUS Notice is issued (and still be beaten to death, as a Governor’s Proclamation and AGO are easier to issue).

New Committees

Jackson County Young Democrats were formed. It’s a CAP. Its treasurer is Sagi Rudnick.

The Jefferson County Conservative PAC was formed. Its treasurer is David Sekel.

Better Days PAC was formed. It is to support Rita Days. Its treasurer is Cornell Young.

Lobbyist registrations

Eapen Thampy added Rocky Kingree; and deleted CanaMO Solutions LLC and The Blue Line.

Contributions of $5,000 or more

All IN for Park Hill School District – $15,000 from MyGrid Technologies, Inc.

ALL IN for Park Hill School District – $5,600 from Creative Entourage.

Legal Missouri 2022 – $100,000 from Agri-Genesis LLC.

Legal Missouri 2022 – $400,000 from Good Day Farm Missouri LLC.

Legal Missouri 2022 – $350,000 from Good Day Farm Missouri LLC.

Jackson County 4 Kids – $10,000 from Synergy Services.

Jackson County 4 Kids – $10,000 from Hope House Inc.


Happy birthday to Sen. Greg Razer, Leslie Korteand jerry christmas.


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