Lincoln couple offers treats and water to neighborhood dogs via ‘dog box’ | Nebraska


Free treats could paw-sibly to be a dog’s dream come true, and with the help of two dog lovers, that dream has come true for pampered pets in a Lincoln neighborhood.

Earlier this month, Joe Knopp and his wife, Deb Bauer-Knopp, built what they call a dog box, which provides treats, water and more for walking dogs. The box is located in their front yard near 70th and A streets, allowing people to use it anytime of the day.

The dog box, fitted with solar lights and dog-shaped buttons, offers a variety of dog walking necessities, Knopp said. Inside are several types of dog treats, water, pet wipes, hand sanitizer, and pet waste bags. Everything is free and if there are any donations left, Knopp plans to donate them to a local shelter, he said.

“The most important thing here is happiness,” Knopp said. “The purpose of the dog box is not money. It’s here to bring joy and make people smile.”

Knowing that neighborhood dog owners have enjoyed the dog box so far is “extremely heartwarming,” Knopp said.

The couple, who own three golden retrievers, came up with the idea shortly after losing one of their own dogs, Bauer-Knopp said. They wanted to find a way to remember his life while making the neighborhood smile.

That’s when Knopp came up with the idea to create something similar to the free lending libraries that are all over town, he said.

“I just thought there should be something for dogs too,” Knopp said.

The response to the dog box has been overwhelmingly positive, the couple said.

People stopped at all hours, with some even walking over a mile to visit the dog box, Knopp said.

“It gives me and my husband so much joy,” Bauer-Knopp said.


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