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LINCOLN, ONÉ. – 8/26/2021 – Governor Pete Ricketts speaks during a press conference, Thursday, August 26, 2021, at the Nebraska State Capitol. JUSTIN WAN, star of the newspaper

JUSTIN WAN Journal Star

Nebraskans For Peace supports Chancellor Ronnie Green’s plan to make the University of Nebraska-Lincoln an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome. The plan has not yet been implemented.

Normally our thoughts would be, “OK, great. Now put your words into action, ”but we are troubled by Governor Pete Ricketts’ interference in the process. The university is legally governed by its administration and board of directors, not by the governor.

The governor has real responsibilities without oversight. It could focus its efforts on relieving our overcrowded emergency rooms, encouraging people to get vaccinated, tackling criminal justice reform, improving child protection outcomes and balancing our budget. .

He might even recognize that, in fulfillment of the state’s motto of “equality before the law” and in recognition of our history of partiality, he appreciates Chancellor Green’s efforts to make people from all walks of life feel welcome. at UNL.

After all, we need a highly educated population. Instead, Ricketts used his press conference to quote authors he doesn’t understand and theories he never studied.

Our next steps should ensure that diversity and inclusion are achieved and that the UNL implements its plan to address past gaps. A man in the financial, racial and life circumstances of the governor does not have the best indicator for deciding what would make people of all walks of life feel at home at UNL. We have a duty to overcome our prejudices and to make our state’s largest university system a welcoming campus.

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