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Former President Donald Trump speaks September 25 at his Save America rally in Perry, Georgia. A resurgent GOP is poised to reclaim one, if not both, chambers of Congress in 2022.

Ben Gray, Associated Press

Gubernatorial candidates Jim Pillen and Charles Herbster oppose vaccinations and the wearing of masks. As breeders, they are required to have their animals vaccinated so they can be brought to market.

I suggest they know the reasons for vaccinations, and if vaccinations are good for their livestock, why aren’t they good for people?

I think it’s probably because it seemed to have worked for Donald Trump, so maybe they can ride his tails to the Capitol. They seem to have forgotten that Trump has been defeated and that Governor Pete Ricketts, one of his biggest supporters, will soon be gone.

We need someone willing to set policies to repair the damage that COVID and Trump tariffs have done to the Nebraska economy. I think we can do better than Herbster or Pillen. Let’s try.

And by the way, Trump received both vaccines and a booster.


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