Illinois Doubled Gasoline Tax Rises A Little More On July 1


When Illinois state lawmakers and Governor JB Pritzker doubled the state’s gasoline tax in 2019, they incorporated automatic annual increases to avoid voting for future increases. The tax increases by half a cent on July 1.

Doubling the state’s gasoline tax was not enough in 2019, so every July 1, heads of state made sure motorists pay a little more.

This July 1, the state fuel tax will rise to 39.2 cents per gallon, an increase of half a cent, after doubling to 38 cents from 19 cents in 2019 and automatically increasing to 38, 7 cents in 2020. At 39.2 cents, the Illinois gasoline tax has increased 206% in three years.

A Chicago driver will pay $ 55.55 for a 15-gallon fill-up on July 1 at $ 3.70 a gallon. This includes $ 15.33 in taxes – almost 40% of the retail cost of gasoline.

In 2020, Illinois was # 3 in the country for highest gasoline taxes. Only California and Pennsylvania were higher.

Each gallon of gasoline includes the state’s 39.2-cent gasoline tax as well as just over 18 cents for the federal fuel tax. Cook County adds 6 cents per gallon and Chicago adds 8 cents. Everyone is charged a little more than a dime for the cost of cleaning the underground fuel storage tank.

State, county, and municipal sales taxes are then added to the fee, making Illinois one of the few states to tax its gasoline taxes. Count it all, and a Chicago driver pays just over $ 1 a gallon in taxes.

The July 1 gasoline tax increase means the average Illinois driver will pay $ 105.67 more per year than before the gasoline tax doubled.

Illinois’ high fuel taxes are more evident when looking at gas prices in neighboring states. Illinois was on average 56 cents a gallon more than neighboring Missouri on June 23.

The Illinois gasoline tax hike on July 1 comes as crude oil hits a three-year high of $ 70 a barrel, and Governor JB Pritzker spends $ 6 million to convince residents of Illinois and tourists from other states take a trip to Illinois. Its “Time for Me to Drive” campaign is an attempt to boost the tourism industry that has been battered by its COVID-19 lockdowns.

Pritzker just hopes savvy drivers don’t choose to refuel in a neighboring state before their trip to Illinois.


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