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The Downtown Business Improvement District Board of Directors approved accepting bids for its speaker system project at its first meeting after it was renewed and three new members added on Tuesday.

The new board members were present at the meeting, including Daniel Cech of Petersen Body Shop, Sam Heineman of Dodge County Realty Group and Berta Quintero of Reinita Restaurant.

“I appreciate everyone for coming today,” said President Tom Coday. “It’s good, so we can do a lot of this work. “

With the speaker system project first approved by the board in September, Coday said the board could approve a request for proposal to start accepting bids within 30 days, which it would then submit to the Fremont City Council.

Additionally, Coday said the board may also send it to the projects committee to re-evaluate the process and add Wi-Fi to the system to provide it with wireless capabilities.

City administrator Brian Newton said it would be difficult and expensive, as installations would have to be done on buildings rather than poles.

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Board member Richard Register supported the prospect of sending the matter to the projects committee to review Wi-Fi usage and made an initial proposal to do so.

Coday said the speaker system would provide a better experience for people downtown through music and announcements.

“I think this bodes well for our future plans and will build momentum,” said Howard Krasne, board member. “So at John C. Fremont Days, if we can have an announcer in the parade who can communicate, we can use the speakers. “

Krasne also said the system could be used in other events, including the Hispanic Festival, Crazy Days and the Winter Walk.

“And we have to create more events like this,” he said. “So the more events we have downtown, I think the more we will need these speakers. “

However, board member Jerry Johnson said he did not approve of the size of the speaker system in the district.

“I’m not really a fan of using taxpayers’ money to improve private business,” he said. “I think if we are going to do a project, it should encompass the whole of the BID.”

In response, Coday said the project could be considered the first phase and could see expansion in the future.

Board member Brenden Murray questioned whether the project would attract more people downtown and see it more as a future planning project and said the equipment could potentially be obsolete at the to come up.

“A plan for the future, a current investment in technology is not a good investment,” he said. “If you say to yourself, ‘Let’s do it now because it will be useful in five years’, it will be rubbish in five years. “

Several board members have shown their support for the project, including Quintero, who said the city center needs something new and the equipment could be improved in the future.

Register withdrew its motion, which was replaced by a motion from Board Member Roxie Kracl to go ahead with the RFP submission for the project.

The motion passed 7-3, with board members Heineman, Johnson and Cech voting against and board members Register and Murray abstaining. Board members JJ Bixby and Bill Parks were not in attendance.

The council also discussed its revised budget, which was approved by city council on November 30. Coday said the total remained the same as in the past, which included $ 48,196 per year.

Asked by Krasne, Coday said the BID would also keep an additional $ 100,000 which would be carried forward before its renewal. He said the city will publish a financial statement in the BID section of its website.

“It will just show what we spent and what our income was by amount,” he said. “We try to make it as public as possible so that we can get as much as possible about the different things that we are working on.”

The board also approved spending up to $ 300 to send out a newsletter in January 2022, which would be developed by MainStreet Executive Director Amy Vermeline and mailed out to business owners. and landowners.

“It would be nice to tell everyone that we’ve been reappointed for two more years and that’s on the board,” Coday said. “And whatever we wanted to plan, we could put it in.”

Heineman also suggested sending emails and asked BID members to send their email addresses to be included in the newsletter, while Cech recommended adding a note to send questions or comments to the board of directors.

“So that way they say to themselves, ‘They include us, they want to hear from us,'” he said.

At the meeting, Heineman was appointed chairman of the projects committee, while Cech was appointed chairman of the equalization committee, which will examine the possibility of a two-tier tax system in the district.

In addition, the board of directors approved a reimbursement to MainStreet of 50% of Vermeline’s salary, updating the bylaws to reflect the new scheme and new members and an offer from Purple Ribbon Lawn Care for parking maintenance. .

The next BID meeting will begin at noon on January 17, 2022, at the Nebraska Quilt Company at 330 N. Main St.

On Wednesday, a line of thunderstorms crossed downtown Omaha.

Houseal Lavigne Associates hosted a public house for business owners and community members to share their thoughts on downtown Fremont at Gallery 92 West on Wednesday.


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