Husker Harvest Days shows the importance of agricultural producers | Staff editorials


Every year, agricultural equipment is developed with ever more precision to do the job with fewer resources. This technology can range from drones that will do a multitude of farm jobs, such as scouting fields or spraying for insects or crop diseases, to automated equipment with sophisticated on-board computers that can reduce even more damage. working hours. The name of the game is to do more work in less time with less resources.

In the 44 years that HHD has been on Grand Island, the number of technical innovations in agriculture that have been showcased at the show has been astounding. Even equipment that only half a decade ago was considered state-of-the-art is now commonplace.

Although challenges remain in raising livestock and growing crops, technology continues to help farmers and ranchers produce more with fewer resources. And many of the innovations they use were first seen at HHD.

It will be exciting for people who use this equipment for a living to have this opportunity to see what is in their future.

The show runs Tuesday through Thursday at the Husker Highway site, opening at 8 a.m. each day.

While the Husker Harvest Days are an economic boon to the region, attracting thousands of visitors who will also frequent Grand Island hotels and motels, restaurants and retail outlets, they also underscore the importance of agriculture to our country. economy.


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