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In times where the pocket throws cries of tear, we propose some tricks so that saving does not become an impossible mission.

Below we show you different alternatives to deal with the crisis, and to assume as habits those who, ideally, will have to transmit to the children so that the family as a whole becomes involved and engaged .

How to Save in Times of Crisis?

Save at the supermarket

Analyze what you really need and adjust it to a specific budget through a memory aid list . With this technique you will avoid unnecessary expenses.

Do not be afraid to invest your time in comparing price / quality to make the right decision. The result of that thorough search will be felt in the line of boxes.

And another important fact: go mentally in not letting yourself fall, under any pretext, into temptations under disguised offers and luminous little signs.

Save on electricity

Make the most of natural light and turn off all the lights that are lit in places where it is not necessary.

Did you know that appliances consume energy even when turned off? Yes, the “stand by” mode represents about 10 percent of household electricity consumption. For this reason, the ideal is to unplug any appliance in disuse.

The topic of the lamps is already public knowledge. Do not wait any longer and change all your lights for LED lamps . You will notice a resounding change in your next ballot .

Reducing water consumption will benefit not only your pocket but also the environment.

To achieve this, some alternatives are showering instead of immersion baths, closing the tap while brushing your teeth or dishes, loading the dishwasher and washing machine as much as possible, and taking advantage of rainwater for irrigation, for example.

Save on Telephony and Internet

It is convenient to negotiate with the cell phone company to find a subscription plan that fits your needs, and use mobile data only in extreme needs so as not to make your plan more expensive at the end of the month.

Save on gasoline

The gasoline is one of the merchandise that you have experienced the most in recent times, and new increases are always anticipated in the future, so it is increasingly felt in your pocket to travel in this means of transport.

To save on gasoline, a good strategy is to keep the tires with the pressure indicated by the manufacturer, avoid sudden starts and brakes , and avoid the car to travel small distances .

And of course, whenever possible, try to divide the expenses by sharing the trip to work every day with some or some colleagues who travel the same distance. This will save everyone .

Save on credit card

money cash

It is important that you be cautious in the hiring and use of credit cards since, although they are a good instrument to make numerous payments, their misuse can also involve a very expensive extra expense.

It is easier to control the expense if only a single credit card is used, so it is essential not to be tempted by any bank or entity that offers you more and more cards that, although they will swell your wallet, deflate your pocket …

Save on your free time

I dispensed with the superfluous expenses when shopping and taking walks, look for the best offers when traveling, and when you go to eat outside try to pay in cash , because it will make you more aware of the expense and money with which have.


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