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A former Husker sidekick who is completing his second term as a Nebraska state senator is hoping to become the state’s next governor.

Senator Brett Lindstrom of Omaha visited Hastings last week as part of an effort to travel around the state and meet as many voters as he can face to face. He currently represents Northwest Omaha in the unicameral and wants to use the experience he has gained there to help the state as a whole.

“Each community has its own unique challenges,” he said.

Lindstrom pushed bills in the legislature that reduced taxes on state income, including taxes on Social Security checks. He succeeded in pushing through a law to phase out all state income taxes on social security after 10 years. It’s an issue that Lindstrom says is critical to keeping Nebraskans in the state after they retire.

He said politicians have been talking about reforming the tax system for years, but now is the time to act. He said next generation leadership will be key.

“This election will determine where Nebraska stands for the next generation,” he said. “We are going to take on great things and accomplish them. “

If elected, Lindstrom has said he will focus on overhauling the state’s tax system, which is roughly the same as when it was structured in 1967. Changes in the economy today require a new system, but he said the approach must be comprehensive and implemented at the same time.

“My fear is that we will be talking about the same things for another generation if I don’t step in to do what needs to be done,” he said. “The tax system needs to be reformed or we will continue to have the same conversations. “

His other main campaign issues are financing education, which goes hand in hand with the restructured tax system, and economic development.

Lindstrom has rarely spoken in the House debates in the Legislative Assembly. He said he preferred to work on issues behind the scenes and resolve disputes before bills were debated. Its social security measure was adopted unanimously after amendments.

He said the key is to listen to the parties involved and find compromises that work for everyone.

His goal is not only to implement his ideas. He garnered commentary across the state during his campaign.

“There is a general sense of optimism in the state,” he said. “It’s great fun to see all the innovation going on. “

After graduating from Millard West High School, Lindstrom was a walk-in quarterback for the Huskers, the same team his father and two uncles played on. He said persistence, hard work and execution on the ground helped him prepare for his term in the legislature.

Lindstrom announced his campaign in July to run for governor in the Republican primary. Born in Nebraska forever, Lindstrom describes himself as a tax conservative. He is interested in voter identification laws and the maintenance of family values.

He spent 17 years in the financial planning field. He is concerned about the country’s current financial situation with rising taxes, overregulation of small businesses and increasing government spending.

He enjoys spending his free time in Omaha with his wife, Leigh, and three young children, Colette, Barron and Olivia. He also enjoys hunting, golf, cooking and training.

His children have enjoyed parading all over the state as he strives to get his name known. He said it was a way for them to familiarize themselves with the political process and to find commonalities with people from other walks of life.

Lindstrom said he received positive reviews while touring the state.

“I got a lot of encouragement to run for that too,” he said. “It was pretty amazing and humbling. “


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