Food Aid Expansion Approved by State Lawmakers, But New Nebraska Candidates Must Wait | Regional government


The delay prompted Nebraska Appleseed, which backed the bill, to issue a statement Thursday calling on the agency to find ways to process the requests while updates are pending.

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“This law was intended to help Nebraskans, especially when they are recovering from the economic fallout from the pandemic,” said Eric Savaiano, Nebraska Appleseed’s economic justice program manager for Access to Food and Health. nutrition, in a press release.

“By delaying implementation, those who attempt to re-enter the labor market risk losing their SNAP eligibility immediately,” the statement continued. especially since pandemic assistance such as extended unemployment insurance benefits end. “

McCollister does not believe the delay has so far been unreasonable or intentional.

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“Prior to the enactment of LB108, the DHHS notified the Nebraska Legislature of the planned timeline to accommodate the expanded benefit eligibility and is working diligently to meet and exceed the schedule for these updates. computer days, ”the HHS spokesperson wrote. “The department’s top priority is to ensure an accurate implementation of LB108 to distribute benefits accurately, without errors, and without sacrificing personal data security.”


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