Farmers’ almanac reveals weather forecast for July 4th, and it doesn’t look promising


Ready for July 4th? Before you fire up the barbecue and top up on sunscreen, take a look at the weather forecast from Farmers’ Almanac. Depending on your location, you might have to change some of these plans over the long weekend.

Before America’s Independence Day, Farmers’ Almanac, the expert on all things outdoors, geographically divided the weather in the United States to help people make the most of their time. away from the office… or should we say home office? While some statistics look promising, others can be of concern.

According to the findings, the West Coast was lucky for the three-day weekend. Pleasant weather is expected in the Northwest and Southwest during the holidays themselves and through July 7 in the Northwest (Washington, Oregon region). Take advantage of this sunshine and enjoy it, folks!

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It looks like the central part of the country won’t be so lucky, as “uncertain” weather – which is often how a meteorologist says rain is imminent – is expected for the north-central (around Nebraska, Kansas and Colorado) and south-central (Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico).

While good weather is forecast for parts of the northeast, southeast, Great Lakes region and the Midwest, the northeast should watch for the possibility of precipitation as the days ahead are likely to be gloomy.

After a July 4th derailed by COVID-19, the 2020 celebration left a lot to be desired, even for places that have been lucky with the weather. Everyone’s fingers crossed that they can (safely) enjoy some time outdoors.

At least the latest predictions are a cut above the Summer 2021 Farmer’s Almanac predictions, which are filled with terms like “thunder” and “heavy.” Additionally, the results suggest that much of the country is expected to experience more storms t than usual this season, so we may have to swap out the swimsuits for an umbrella.

Using mathematical and astronomical formulas – not a stunt of technology – Farmers’ Almanac has kept its readers in the loop for over 200 years, so it’s safe to say the predictions are pretty accurate. But whatever the weather, America’s 245th birthday – and a slight return to normalcy – is something to celebrate.

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