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On June 28, voters in the 1st Congressional District will choose between Mike Flood and Patty Pansing Brooks in a special election to fill the unexpired term of former Representative Jeff Fortenberry, who resigned in March after being convicted of lying to federal agents and attempting to conceal the source of $30,000 in foreign money to his campaign.

Selected by their parties after winning their respective primaries last month, Republican Flood and Democrat Pansing Brooks will meet again in November.

Both candidates are highly qualified. Both served well in the Nebraska Legislative Assembly and demonstrated their ability to work effectively in the congressional legislative process.

The pair also has contrasting areas of strength. Flood, who has represented the Norfolk area for more than two legislative terms, is heavily grounded in agricultural issues and would be well-prepared to tackle policies that impact Nebraska’s largest industry and the rural communities that make up , geographically, the majority of the district.

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Pansing Brooks, who served two legislative terms representing the Lincoln Center, is particularly familiar with more urban issues, economic development, affordable housing, health care, criminal justice and prison reform.

Pansing Brooks has also embraced proactive efforts to combat alternative energy and climate change, the long-term effects of which could have a devastating impact on the state and country, and has prioritized supporting our growing population. more diverse, with protections against discrimination based on race and sexual orientation and a focus on human rights.

However, the most critical quality required of the next district representative is not tied to a position on a specific issue or a detailed political philosophy. It’s an ability to bring people together, both outside of Congress and within the aisle, to find ways to solve complex and controversial issues that can be broadly supported.

As a Democrat working in what former Gov. JJ Exon called the “nonpartisan Republican legislature,” Pansing Brooks had to do just that during his eight years in the unicameral. And she has made working together for all Nebraska residents a centerpiece of her campaign.

By contrast, Flood, who has taken an apparent shift to the right since becoming Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, has campaigned largely on a partisan basis, lobbying, for example, on “the Biden economy/ Pelosi” and emphasizing his conservatism more than a desire to represent and include all parties.

Editorial Boards, like functioning political bodies, operate on the principle of consensus rather than unanimity, we recognize two strong candidates with two different visions.

But for the reasons above, as well as her positions that align with positions we have long espoused, the Journal Star editorial board endorses Patty Pansing Brooks in the special election.


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