City Parks and Recreation Ten Year Facilities Plan: A List of Things to Do With Not Enough Money to Do It All | Local government


The $ 17.5 million of top-priority projects – not all of which will be in the next two-year budget – are heavy on repairs to hard surfaces of trails, parking lots and basketball courts, Yost said.

“This is where our biggest backlog is,” he said. There are so many of them and as you fall behind it is so hard to get caught up. “

There are a few prioritized play area replacements or renovations: Easterday, Stuhr, and Belmont play areas, for example. Some are already included in the capital improvement plan.

‘Go big or come home’ – longtime family autism advocate and new mom work for all-inclusive playground

The replacement of the train-themed play room in Iron Horse Park in Haymarket is on the “A” list, as is the resurfacing of tennis courts in the Highlands and the renovation of the picnic shelter in Haymarket. Oak Lake Park.

Some of these priorities, of course, may change.

Replacing playground equipment at Antelope Park was a ‘B’ priority, but recent discussions with defenders who want to see a new, fully inclusive playground in Lincoln could push that list up, the director of operations said. parks and recreation, Lynn Johnson.

And all this arrangement is subject to the vagaries of fate: the pool does not pump on any plane that decides not to work when municipal staff fill the pool in anticipation of summer.

“It reminds me that I’m not really in control,” Yost said.

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