Bus driver shortage creates unprecedented delays for some LPS students | Education


“In the past, we’ve had late drivers,” Standish said, but delays like those seen this year were infrequent.

Now they are almost daily.

With 126 drivers covering 136 routes – commuting for the approximately 3,100 students who take a bus – the district is in the process of figuring out how to cover these routes.

This requires fine-tuning your transportation plan each day and asking drivers to choose a route after completing their assigned one. This inevitably results in delays – before and after school – for 50 to 100 students per day, although there have been days without affected students, Standish said.

“We are working as hard as possible with the resources at our disposal,” she said. “We know this is extremely disturbing for the day (of the students), and we are extremely concerned about the students who miss school.”

The district alerts parents when their child’s bus is delayed, and late students are not counted as latecomers.

Assessing how long the delays can extend is something the district needs to determine each day, Transportation Director Ryan Robley said earlier this school year.

“It’s a puzzle,” he said.

White and her husband received an email stating that Isaiah’s bus was late seven times after she started taking one the second week of school.


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