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On a more positive note, Greg Ibach of Sumner, former state agriculture director and undersecretary of agriculture in the Trump administration, said agricultural trade is growing. Much of the impetus comes from China, which is buying record amounts of American raw materials.

He added that it is important to ensure that trading partners abide by the terms of agreements renegotiated over the past five years.

When asked how 2021 is preparing for Nebraska farming, Ibach replied, “The harvests here are superb… There are still some dry spots in Nebraska, but for the most part there are a lot of good harvests. around Nebraska.

Rising grain prices give row crop farmers hope, but the meat industry has been slower to rebound from the decline of the COVID-19 pandemic, he said.

Nelson agreed, saying, “The economic situation is pretty good. We have pricing opportunities (cereals) that we don’t always have. But marketing is always difficult. He acknowledged that higher feed grain prices are a challenge for ranchers.

“Global demand is increasing and the domestic market is strong,” Ibach said of the prospects for pastoralists.

Two issues of corn for the agricultural economy are input costs and the availability of labor, Nelson said.


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