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130 years ago

September 23, 1892

After tomorrow (Saturday), the Times office will be located, probably for the winter at least, on Wyoming Avenue, two doors east of Box Butte bank, where we will be glad to have all our friends who call us and see us.

125 years ago

September 17, 1897

HK Prickett’s two-year-old was run over by a farm cart one day this week, and quite badly bruised to the head and body, but Drs. Bellwood says the injury won’t turn out to be serious.

120 years ago

September 23, 1902

A freight train was wrecked between four and five this morning just west of town. It was loaded with cattle, wood and coal. Just before reaching Alliance the train broke in two, and it was not yet daylight, Engineer Lynch was unaware of this, and when he checked his speed to enter the yards here, the rear section crashed into the forward section, reducing the two boxcars that contacted each other into kindling. Two young men who were stealing a ride from the lead car were mixed with coal and wood and thrown out of the way. One, who goes by the name of John Hartman, from Denver, was only slightly injured in the head and face, and got up, walked ahead and called for help for his companion . The other, who says his name is Henry O. Paul and his home is in Clear Lake, Iowa, did not escape so fortunately. He was badly cut in the head and face, and his right leg was broken above the knee.

115 years ago

September 24, 1907

A Greek worker was very seriously ill here on Sunday from some kind of bed bug poison. It’s like he thinks he’s drinking some kind of intoxicating liquor. His life was ignored for some time, but it is now believed that he will soon recover and be no worse off.

110 years ago

September 20, 1912

Cannon Pool Hall changed hands this week, Jas. Potmesil of the country in charge. Mr. Fisher, who works at the Crystal Theatre, will work during the days in the pool hall and Mr. Dake will also stay. Mr. Cannon and his family will head south to Florida to spend the winter, expecting to return to Alliance next spring.

105 years ago

September 21, 1917

Three shots whistled quickly past Field Marshal Stafford’s head as he entered the Burlington Stores Boiler Room at eight o’clock Wednesday night to arrest George Moore, a ‘bad guy’ who was wanted for carrying a gun and threatening the Life of Edward Boddi. Stafford fired a shot, but he was using a new gun and he couldn’t get it to work properly. As he tried to adjust it, Moore rushed out the side door and escaped into the night.

100 years ago

September 22, 1922

The Fun Revue to be given at the Imperial Theater under the auspices of the Elks Lodge, promises to be one of the finest amateur spectacles ever attempted at the Alliance. The show consists of five or six full acts. New popular songs will be sung here for the first time. Clever dance numbers will be given by five young women in costume. If you prefer comedy, Jack Phillips will be there to please. AH Harper, director of the show, discovered a new songbird, Miss Mary King, whose mother was a great opera singer on the main stages of Austria. This will be Miss King’s first public appearance on Alliance and her contribution to the program is sure to please.

95 years ago

September 20, 1927

George McFarland, 20, was arrested shortly after 10.30pm last night as he tried to enter through a window to gain access to the rear part of the Times-Herald office. The arrest was the result of a trap set by police to catch a thief who had been entering the establishment for many nights and carrying small amounts of cash.

90 years ago

September 20, 1932

Editors and their families from western Nebraska will gather at Alliance on Saturday for the second meeting of the Nebraska Panhandle Press Association. A good entertaining and instructive program has been arranged for the meeting here. State officers will be present, including: Park F. Keays, Secretary of State in the Field, and J. Hyde Sweet, State Chairman. Registration will take place at the Times-Herald building. AB Wood de Gering, president of the Western Nebraska organization, will chair the sessions. One of the distinguished visitors to the meeting will be Will Maupin, a colorful figure in Nebraska press circles and a colorful writer of that state’s features.

85 years ago

September 21, 1937

Ms AD Rodgers, who operates a rooming house at 124 ½ Box Butte Avenue, reported to police on Monday that a man she had rented a room from over the weekend drove off with the 9 by 12 carpet that was on the floor and a bedspread. . She said he must have dropped the rug out the window.

80 years ago

September 22, 1942

The old gag about ‘wanting to come home for your mother’s funeral’ didn’t work when it came to Clarence Tapp, who is serving a 67-day sentence for throwing a bottle of beer out of a tavern window local. Sheriff DO Hoppes received a telegram Thursday from Tapp’s wife in Wichita, Kan., bearing the sad news that his mother had died. Suspecting the telegram was a lie, the sheriff contacted Wichita officers, asking them to verify the news. Kansas officers responded that Tapp’s mother was alive and well. Tapp’s address for the next 30 days will still be Box Butte County Jail.

75 years ago

September 23, 1947

The famous blue and white high school band from Alliance will be one of the colorful additions to the Friday Night Football game in Lincoln when the Bulldogs meet Lincoln Northeast. Contributions to the group’s general fund, bolstered by a total street drive of $222.94 during Saturday’s Parade of Dimes, secured the group’s expenses in Lincoln.

70 years ago

September 22, 1952

Selective Service Notices were mailed to five Box Butte County men to stand for induction into the Army on October 7. The five are: Bernard Burke, 20, Alliance; Russell Finch, 20, Alliance; Gerald Goetzinger, 20 Hemingford; Ruben Chacon, 20, Alliance, and Gene Gerdes, 20, Alliance.

65 years ago

September 21, 1957

An estimated crowd of 2,500 or more turned out Friday night for the opening stages of Alliance’s 2-day fall festival. Another large crowd was present this afternoon for the children’s parade. The Festival ends this evening with a free dance, open to all, at the City Auditorium, the western group of Russ Garner will provide the music.

60 years ago

September 19, 1962

These four Box Butte County boys won the state 4-H lineup judge title Saturday in Halsey. Tommy Messersmith and his brother, Kenny. Both are the sons of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Messersmith. Marvin Drumheller, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Drumheller, and Charles Krantz, son of Mr. and Mrs. James W. Krantz.

55 years ago

September 21, 1967

Svelte epoxy fiberglass skis and ski poles made in Alliance’s True Temper Corporation factory are on their way to Colorado, Oregon and Washington today. The first shipment to leave the plant was loaded onto a Western Nebraska Express truck at 4 p.m. Wednesday.

50 years ago

September 29, 1972

Alliance’s newest car dealership, Jim Wegner, welcomes the public to a grand opening and display of 1973 models for the next three days at Wegner Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, Inc. Wegner came to Alliance from Omaha where he worked in the automotive industry. He and his wife, Jo Anne, have four children, Kathy, David, Jill and Jennifer, and the family lives at 1453 Black Hills. There will be free coffee and donuts, and lots of prizes including a grand prize of a portable color TV.

45 years ago

September 20, 1977

Stanley Sprague retired from the Berkeley, Calif., Fire Department in late July, completing his 21st year as a firefighter in this northern California town. He decided that one of the first things he would like to do as a retiree would be to visit his daughter over 4,000 miles away in Vermont. The 50-year-old left Berkeley on his trusty old bike on August 21, heading east through the Sacramento Valley. He climbed the Sierra Nevada, cycled the deserts of Nevada and southern Utah, climbed the Colorado Rockies again and reached Nebraska late last week. He stopped at Alliance for the weekend, staying with EM Hohlfelds after pushing and pedaling his bike for around 1,800 miles.

40 years ago

September 21, 1982

Pickets from the Alliance Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers 622 roamed the perimeter of the Burlington Northern Railroad property today for the third day in a row. In Washington, D.C., the Reagan administration, saying the damage to the national economy warranted intervention in the collective bargaining process, today called on Congress to order a speedy end to the crippling railroad strike. national freight railways.

35 years ago

September 19, 1987

Members of the City of Alliance Electric Crew set up a banner in the 400 block of Box Butte Avenue Friday morning to give the musical group Up With People a friendly Alliance welcome upon their arrival here Sunday. A welcome rally is scheduled for 7 p.m. in the city auditorium. The rally is open to the public.

30 years ago

September 21, 1992

Greg Garrett made a traveling trophy for the upcoming “Iron Rail Bowl” between Chadron State College and Peru State College. The trophy will be presented to the winner of the match at Bulldog Stadium during Iron Rail Days.

25 years ago

September 19, 1997

John McGhehey has been promoted to President of the First National Bank’s Alliance location. In making the announcement, bank chairman LH “Rick” Kolkman said, “The title of chairman reflects John McGhehey’s responsibility for managing Alliance Bank in the markets we serve.” McGhehey announced that Brian Ailts has been named vice president, commercial and agricultural loans. Karen Knisely recently joined the bank in the consumer credit and real estate departments.

20 years ago

September 21, 2002

Clothing from The Mission Store is bundled into 80-pound bales and shipped to those in need. Volunteers from Alliance High School’s Key Club, which is sponsored by local Kiwanis, recently loaded bales of clothing onto a 48-foot semi-truck donated by Vitalix, Inc. The clothing is now being directed to a hospital/orphanage of mission in India for the people of this region.

15 years ago

September 21, 2007

The Stock Car Club Alliance is donating the funds that remained in its account when it recently disbanded to the Head Start Alliance for materials and will benefit children in various programs.

Other recent donations from the disbanded ASCC are bleachers at the Double L. Roping Arena, concession equipment to the Alliance Rodeo Club, and miscellaneous supplies to Highway 92 Racing Park in Gering.

10 years ago

September 21, 2012

Alliance High School is one of 19 Nebraska high schools selected to receive an Educational Quest Foundation College Access Scholarship — a program designed to increase the number of students going to college. The school will receive $7,500 per year for four years.

5 years ago

September 23, 2017

Adams Industries Inc. of Sidney has been contracted by New Generation Construction to begin the process of preparing the future site of the Holiday Inn Express for construction. Located between Westco and Pepsi on Hwy 385, it should be a prime location once the Heartland Hwy is completed.


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