CITY OF NEBRASKA – Nebraska City Commissioners are scheduled to meet at 6 p.m. on October 4.

The agenda includes a county keno grant application to develop a nine-hole Frisbee golf course in Wildwood Park, the 2022 asphalt pavement and a new ambulance.

The commission will consider flat services for an area of ​​Sixth Street and Seventh Corso and an agreement with Bird Rides for shared mobility devices.

Recreation Director Scooter Edmisten is applying for a $ 6,500 grant from Otoe County Council Keno to develop the disc golf course.

JEO is offering $ 44,500 for 2022 asphalt pavement design and construction services, which is estimated at $ 314,000.

The overlay will include portions of Centennial Avenue and 14e 13 streete Street until 14e Street. The one-year plan also includes work on 19e Stabilization of the banks of the street and South Table Creek.

Paramedical Director Andrew Snodgrass is proposing a $ 300,000 ambulance for 2023. The last ambulance was purchased by the Wirth Foundation for $ 276,000.

EMS is also requesting permission to apply for a grant through Firehouse Subs of up to $ 20,000 for two Lucas devices.

City administrator Lou Leone reports on work to resolve right-of-way issues with the Nebraska Railroad Museum.

Since the 1870s, the city has granted access to city-owned rights of way for the use of railway companies. In 2021, BNSF donated a section along the historic Burlington Northern Repository, south of Sixth Street, to the Railway Museum.

Leone said the city was working to restore the right of way to the city.

The city offers to hire Olsson to research and place kiosks.

Bird Rides is the only company to meet the City of Nebraska’s demand for qualification for shared mobility services within the city. A franchise fee of $ 300 is proposed.